Walking Around

Had to take my daughter for a stroller nap today. Reminded me how much I love living in Philly.

Couldn’t find my $8 shades so I had to wear my $3 shades.

Saw a nice retro table and chairs at Jinxed.



Had some of the home made rum at La Colombe.

Saw some nice street art.

And some clever taco related art.

Picked the wrong day for a shortcut.

But rubber boots clean easily.

Then I took out Don Quixote from the Library.

Thanks For the Birthday Wishes

You rock.


I think facebook is great. Where else can I maintain contact with people from all eras of my life?

My family in Passaic, Memphis, Parsippany, Orlando, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, DC, South Carolina, Israel, Europe and India.

Classmates from Hillel, Shaarei Torah, Frisch, Hebrew U, and NYU.

My brothers from the Israeli Army.

Students from Central Hebrew High, Birthrighters, Marchers and Hillel people.

Friends I used to see every day, who now live in places like Amsterdam, Paris, the Phillipines, LA, New York, Denver, Tel Aviv and around the world.

I want to know how your life is going. The successes and the challenges.
I’m rooting for you, and look forward to the next time we meet.