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Roasty Toasties

What are they?

Roasty Toasties are roasted garlic, toasted sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame seeds. They were initially made for sprinkling over salad, but they also go well with cooked rice, butternut squash soup, or straight out of the jar.

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Unfurl The Sails

Reissuing Schooners

I’ve been reissuing all my old mixes on my new website, Philly Custom DJ. This week, I had to add Schooners from 2008 because the universe wanted me to. It started out with the image of a barefoot Neko Case brandishing a sword on the hood of a vintage Mercury. Then I found out that Kathleen Edwards gave up a career in music to open a coffee shop. And just this past weekend, I saw my old friend Chuck who graces the original cover of Schooners.
I have to admit, the mix still sounds pretty great.

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