Long Live Spock

Remember Leonard Nimoy

I’m happy to have had the privilege of growing up in a world with Leonard Nimoy. As Spock we watched him die, come back to life, and then hand his character off to a worthy successor in Zachary Quinto.

Here is his last tweet before traveling to the great unknown.

Check out this video of The Who performing Long Live Rock live in the studio. The host is very reverent to the band. But pretend he’s talking about Leonard Nimoy. And when they sing the song, change the chorus from Long Live Rock to Long Live Spock.

Pete kind-of forgets the words. You can go ahead and laugh with Keith Moon about that.

7 Walkers

I’ve seen more post-Jerry incarnations of The Grateful Dead in the past 6 months than I’ve seen actual Dead Shows. That’s not saying much, since I’ve only been to one. In any case, I went to see 7 Walkers, a band made up of former Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann and New Orleans musician Papa Mali. The venue was the new World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington, Delaware; a beautifully restored theater which sat dormant for over 50 years.

Here’s 7 Walkers covering The Grateful Dead’s Deal:

Little Feat

Little Feat live at Penn's Peak!

Waiting For Columbus is one of my favorite live albums of all time. I was always envious of the audience in that recording, and at times, I could imagine myself standing in that crowd, long sweaty hippie hair clinging to my headband in the smoke filled auditorium. So I took a drive out to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania to catch them (still a)live at Penn’s Peak.

The audience was elderly and excited. While I was recording the video posted below, I got rammed into by some rock and roll grandmas. Or were they great grandmas? In the video I captured an old man who is often seen dancing at Dead shows. The whole experience was awesome.

Here’s Little Feat performing Spanish Moon:

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit at World Cafe Live!

Scottish Band Frightened Rabbit played the Free at Noon show at World Cafe Live! The show is broadcast live on NPR which means the content needs to be G-Rated. In order to not fu…I mean, screw up, Scott Hutchenson, the lead singer, wrote himself a note:
During the show he explained that in Scotland, swearing is as essential to language as punctuation.

Here’s Frightened Rabbit performing Swim:

Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance live at Johnny Brenda's

Gang Gang Dance is touring to support their new album Eye Contact.  Saw them live at Johnny Brenda’s.  It was very hot and sweaty at the venue that day, and the music was wild and dreamy.

Here’s Gang Gang Dance performing Adult Goth:


Grouplove live at Johnny Brenda's

Here’s Grouplove performing Naked Kids at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia.  I went to see them because I really liked their EP. Unfortunately, they only seemed to have an EP’s worth of material.  The show only lasted about half an hour!  Even though the show was short, it was very energetic and I look forward to their full length release.