Techina Kingdom

These guys are pressing fresh organic techina right in Mahaneh Yehudah.

The taste is out of this world.

May the Techina Kingdom rule forever!

Crock Pot Chulent

More of a hamin than a chulent.

But what’s the difference, really?


Beans: I use brown, white and black beans for a variety of color. But any will do. 1/2 cup of each. Total 1 1/2 cups.
Flanken: That’s beef short rib to the Koreans. 2-4 strips.
Small Onions: Not pearl onions, but small ones. Peeled, left whole. 6-8 of them.
Whole Cloves of Garlic: Save some trouble, buy the peeled ones.
Hawaiiaj: Store bought is fine. If you have some from Israel, that is better. Continue reading “Crock Pot Chulent”

Meat Stuffed Matza Balls

A Matza Ball With A Suprise

This is an original recipe. It’s basically a matza ball with a ground beef filling in the middle. It’s a distant cousin to kubbeh soup: a Kurdish delicacy. It quickly became a highly anticipated dish at each family seder.

A few years ago, the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC asked listeners to post their matza ball recipes on their show page. I posted mine, and to my surprise, I got a call from the station asking me if I would be willing to talk about it on the show with Leonard and his guest, Jewish cookbook author Joan Nathan. I decided that I needed to create an online step-by-step guide for making them.

The Podcast

Here’s a link to the Leonard Lopate show about Matza Balls:
I make my appearance at about 19:00 minutes into the show.

The Method

Here’s a flickr album with step by step directions showing how how they’re made: