Clip The Card


  1. Dan Mangan-Robots
  2. Gustav and The Seasick Sailors-Sadie Says
  3. Kurt Vile-Blackberry Song
  4. Oi Va Voi-Every Time
  5. Sally Shapiro-Time To Let Go
  6. Onili-Omizu
  7. Santogold-Lights Out
  8. m83-We Own The Sky
  9. Buscemi-Nothing To Worry About
  10. Spylab-Celluloid Hypnotic
  11. The Karminksy Experience-Departures*
  12. The Flaming Lips-The Impulse
  13. Koop-Beyond the son
  14. Metropolin-Malachim (Angels)

Download Clip The Card as a zipped folder with individual mp3s.

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