Snowy Weekend

Snowy Weekend

Election Special 2016

You made up your mind about this election months ago. All that’s left, is to head to the polls and actually vote. Take a break from the non-stop political news hype, here are 3 things to listen to instead.

99% Invisible Longbox

This podcast explains why REM’s Out of Time was the most politically significant album ever. Check out the liner notes at 99% Invisible or on Slate.

Radiolab – One Vote

If you’re wondering about how influential one vote can be, check out this podcast.

Election Special

This my constantly evolving election mix which has existed in some form or other since 1996. Music about elections, choices, revolutions, common people and the promise of another four years of silly government.

Testing Testimonials

I’m testing out a new testimonial slider.
How’s this?

He Rocks

We love him.

Jack N. (Boulder, CO)
The Overlook Hotel
December 31, 1914
He’s Delicious

And I mean it.

Tiki P. (Lahaina, HI)
Chickie & Pete's
May 30, 2016
A Genius!

Or a sandwich.

Adolph M. (Los Angeles, CA)
Lischmann's Famous Deli
June 6, 2016

Conference Doodles

conference doodles - circles

It’s great to have an opportunity to color and doodle.  Last year, there was play dough on the tables, so I ended up with claymation in a collection called Space Sketches. This year, I tried to keep all the artwork in square boxes.  Most of the pieces are repetitive patterns using colored pen.  By the second day, I decided to push the boundary of squares, and put squares in squares, and try some three dimensional art using post-it notes, pens, paper, and shadows. Finally there are a few photos of found art: the outside, the books and the peeps.

Beach Scene2016-03-28 12.05.13Craft Project2016-03-28 09.57.41 Continue reading “Conference Doodles”

Unitaneh Kickoff

Unitaneh Kickoff
A prayer for the kickoff of the NFL season

Let us now relate the power of this day’s holiness, for it is awesome and frightening

Who will win
Who will lose
Who will set records
Who will be injured
Who by concussion
Who by fireworks
Who by suspension
Who by violating the league’s substance abuse policy
Who will get the first pick of next year’s draft
Who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy

But wings, and beer, and nachos annul the severe decree!