Summer Series 2007

In the beginning of summer of 2007, I put out a four disc series. The discs had pictures of freshly cut fruit with beads arranged on them to spell out the names of the mixes. The discs were packaged in a quart sized ziploc bag with a sticker on it stating that it was “Approved for Airline Travel.”

Read a blog post about the making of this series.

As a bonus, each bag had a postcard (see image above) with  an inscription on the back that said:

It’s like that feeling of accomplishment that you get when you finish the container of toothpaste. I’m very happy to present this four disc series. These mixes were inspired by long car drives, airport bars, sand in my beard, summer weddings of true love, Alan Parsons, Dimitri from Paris, Demetri Martin and of course, Steve Martin. I must thank Lyle Sudin whose taste in music is rivaled only by his creative output. For artwork, I want to thank Yechiel Gary “Gerhard” Newman for the pictures, and my niece, Racheli Tsuna for her tireless effort and good suggestions on packaging.

As a wise man once said: A safety pin only lives up to its name when the safety is engaged.

Most of that stuff is nonsense; I was trying to write liner notes like King Britt.

Here’s links to the mixes.  I’ve taken a few liberties with Sexy Poolside Groove in order to make it more listenable.


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